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About Paralyzed Veterans of America 


Paralyzed Veterans of America Service Program provides skilled representation and counseling on Veterans Administration issues to all veterans and their families. Lone Star Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America also donates prosthetic equipment (wheelchairs, lifts, walkers, etc.) to those who do not meet the Veterans Administration requirements. PVA has more than 50 service offices in the United States.


The major focus of Lone Star Paralyzed  Veterans of America Legislative Program is improved veterans’ benefits and support of the civil rights of all disabled citizens. LSPVA works with Congressional members, their staffs and committees. LSPVA also meets with State Senators and Representatives to ensure maximum independence and opportunities for the disabled.



Promoting and defending the rights of disabled citizens, both veterans and non-veterans, is the mission of Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America Advocacy program. LSPVA strives to remove all barriers and to enforce and improve the legal rights of all disabled peopled including:

  • Equal access to transportation

  • Full educational opportunities

  • Job training

  • Pension and disability insurance

  • Accessible housing

  • Elimination of insensitive attitudes and stereotypes about the disabled

Sports & Recreation

Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America maintains an active sports and recreation program for our members, and the disabled in our area. This program provides tangible health benefits, support, opportunity and camaraderie for all involved. LSPVA provides grants to our members and associate members to participate in a variety of recreational programs.


Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America maintains an active membership base throughout our area. We provide membership opportunity to qualified veterans (full members) and those interested in our programs (associate members). We actively pursue new members, volunteers and supporters.


Paralyzed Veterans of America conducts research studies for a better understanding of spinal cord dysfunction. PVA is one of the largest private supporters of spinal cord research in the United States. Some areas of investigation are: medical and clinical care; psychological adjustment; technology and devices to aid the disabled; and basic research toward a cure for spinal cord injury.


Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America maintains active communication with our membership and the disabled community through a variety of resources. LSPVA hosts an active website that provides service links to a variety of disability resources. We also produce a monthly newsletter, and work with local disability organizations to ensure national and local information regarding disabled issues are provided to our membership.


Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America has various fundraising programs to raise money in support of the programs and services the chapter provides to its membership. Fundraising activities include grant writing, and the generous donors who make contributions to the chapter.


Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America is located at 3925 Forest Lane, Garland Texas. This is where we hold our Board of Directors meetings, publish our newsletter, hold social functions, provide free meeting space to other nonprofit groups and carry on the day-to-day operations of the Chapter.

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