How to request Capitol Flags

All requests for flags must be made through your United States Senator's, or Representative's offices. The Architect of the Capitol does not accept requests for Capitol flags. For information and links to request your flag please go to:


To Place a Flag Request

Visit the website for your Senator or Representative. 

Links to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Representatives: are located above. Many Members of Congress have directions and order forms available online. If instructions for making flag requests are not online, contact your Senator or Representative for instructions.


Complete the form and return with your payment to your Senator or Representative, who will forward your request to the Architect of the Capitol. A Certificate of Authenticity is issued by the Architect of the Capitol with each flag flown.


Only the official 50-Star flag or a past official U.S. Flag will be flown. All flags must be made in the United States. The largest flag able to be flown over the United States Capitol is 8’ x 12’


Price Range

Depending on the size of the flag, the prices range from $13.25 to $22.55 (plus shipping and handling).